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Tanzanians encouraged to embrace wood ball

TANZANIANS have been urged to embrace the newly introduced Wood ball as one way of diversifying sport activities in the country. This was said by the Tanzania Wood ball Federation (TWF) General Secretary Nicholaus Achimpota, during a brief training to journalists on how the sport is played, held on Thursday at Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam.

He said despite wood ball being a new sport in the country, already 18 coaches have been trained and are ready to go to different parts of the country to teach people on how to play the sport.

“This sport is common in Asia but here in Africa, Uganda has invested a lot in it that is why we have seen necessary to establish it here since we have potential to develop the game and be able to compete on the world scale,” Achimpota said. Adding, Achimpota said the tools used to play wood ball are long lasting and easily available at cheap prices to the extent that the entire set goes for almost 50,000/- and could be used for many years.

“The good thing about wood ball is that it can be played at grassland or at the beach contrary to golf which is played at designated area and whose tools are somewhat expensive,” he said.

He also revealed that they are planning to take the game in schools to give pupils/students an opportunity to embrace it bearing in mind that it can be played by many people at once. “We hope that when this game invades schools, most students will like it since it is simple and can be played by anybody regardless of age or gender,” Achimpota emphasised.

According to him, so far, the sport has active clubs in Kigoma, Dodoma and Dar es Salaam. On her part, Winjuka Makuza from TWF revealed that reception of the sport from Tanzanians has been overwhelming and they are eager to reach as many areas as possible.

“This game uses less energy and can be learnt within a short period that is why we have the strong belief that it will be popular countrywide in the shortest spell,” she said. She also disclosed that the number of women turning up to play wood ball is big than men, a thing she described as positive.

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