Unicef urged to invest more in children

MINISTER for Finance and Planning, Dr Philip Mpango, has advised United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) to incorporate the agenda of investment in children in their various meetings held in Africa.

He made the remarks in Dodoma yesterday while bidding farewell to Unicef representative, Maniza Zaman who is moving to Kenya. Dr Mpango said it was morally right that every child should be given the best chance to survive, eat well, stay healthy and receive an education.

“Now we also know that it is among the best investments we can make, healthy, well-educated kids grow into productive adults, capable of providing a better future for their own children, creating a virtuous circle that can help build a better, more prosperous world,” he noted.

The Minister further said after the government of Tanzania realised the importance of the education sector in the country, it adopted free education policy from early childhood to secondary education, the target being to triple the number of children attending schools.

He said tackling malnutrition would be another effective way to make sure they become healthy adults, as children who do not get enough to eat during their vital early years do not develop properly and remain disadvantaged throughout their lives.

On her part, Ms Zaman expressed her gratitude to the government of Tanzania for the cooperation it showed all the time she worked in the country. “Tanzania is a beautiful country, its people are warm-hearted and generous, they are also eager to help visitors, I have seen that in all the 20 regions I have visited while undertaking my duties,” she said.

She appealed to the government to continue giving priority on education and health sectors by increasing its budget for at least one per cent due to the growing population in the country.

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Author: By DAILY NEWS Reporter

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