As business player, Mengi was a significant inspirational force

ENCAPSULATED in the terrific outpouring of grief generated by the recent death of iconic Tanzanian businessman Reginald Abraham Mengi is a story that has interesting and useful angles.

It is significant to note that, whereas he was a Tanzanian, his death touched off a wave of disbelief and sadness, as much in his Tanzanian homeland as across the Land of Kilimanjaro and beyond the seas.

There is obviously something extra, indeed a collection of extras, in a person who generates so much attention, amongst so many people.

Dr Mengi aptly fitted that bill, his life and activities having been so multi-dimensional that curious people were left wondering how one person can successfully engage in so many activities within the same 24-hour timeframe per day that is availed to many other fellow G od’s creatures.

One factor is for sure; that Dr Mengi was overzealous, driven by a missionary zeal of sorts, to overcome setbacks in order to succeed.

P articularly significant was that, his financial, physical and emotional investments in the various ventures he pioneered were geared at enhancing the welfare of fellow human beings, more-so the disadvantaged.

P overty was a curse that bothered him most, as it related to himself as a youngster as well as other people, who he strongly felt were entitled to happiness rather than misery.

That goal was central to his widely publicised activities and sentiments. The multi-dimensional nature of his engagements notwithstanding, however, it was his business acumen that captured the fancy of many people most.

Even before Tanzania embraced economic liberalisation in the early 90s, Dr Mengi had made a noteworthy mark on the business front, IP P products capturing the fancy of many people.

H e was a trend setter from whom many compatriots with a venturesome spirit picked valuable lessons. The rest, as the saying goes, is history, but history of huge significance.

For, the Mengi-pioneered IP P G roup of Companies generated lessons that were eye openers for many people. Besides the innovative spirit, employment creation was one of the huge by-products of the business empire that Dr Mengi created.

As the industrial economy drive gathers steam, indeed, tribute should be paid to the late Dr Mengi for having been one of the ardent pioneers to that end. P lus, he was an inspirational force for compatriots driven by the ‘must achieve’ spirit!

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