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More tourists expected as promotion drive pays off

TANZANIA is set to see yet more huge incoming tourist convoys as the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) presses necessary buttons for the achievement.

TANAPA Marketing Manager, Mr Victor Ketansi said here that in five-year term they are introducing new tourism investments that will attract more tourists by promoting the less visited national parks, especially those in the southern part of the country.

He said they look ahead to have more than 756,000 international tourists, up from about 390,000 and add up to more than 700,000 local tourists from the current 386,000.

He said that TANAPA will be improving infrastructure in its 16 national parks and the newly promoted ones.

Mr Ketansi said that TANAPA expects an increase in revenue by 30 per cent, add up bed capacity from 2,400 to 5,630 for international tourists while for the local ones they are heading to have more than 2,500 bed capacity up from about 1,200.

In terms of infrastructure, TANAPA is set to construct new 489 kilometre road network with new three aerodromes in the southern national parks with 24 new trails. He said that they will be improving the existing 24 aerodromes in 10 national parks.

TANAPA, he said, is establishing exhibitions and trade shows to lure more tourists and put more efforts in promoting the new tourism brand in Tanzania ‘Unforgettable’.

It is also expecting that by the end of this year it will acquire ISO certification that will be used as a marketing tool.

The Tanganyika National Parks Ordinance CAP [412] of 19 59 established the organisation now known as TANAPA, and Serengeti became the first national park.

Conservation in Tanzania is governed by the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1974 that allows the Government to establish protected areas and outlines how they are to be organised and managed.

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Author: DEUS NGOWI in Arusha

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