We’ve to add more steam into anti-superstition drive

THE superiority complex was one of the driving forces of colonial adventurers who assumed that G od had b estowed upon them, more intelligence than people from whom they differed in terms of things like complexion and culture.

Conservative whites perceived people of b lack complexion to b e inferior to them. They assumed that, as presumably b etter human beings, they had a G od-given right to rule Africans, as well as non-Blacks, b ut who, b eing non-white, they considered to b e lower-grade human beings.

G radually, b ut surely, it sub seq uently emerged that, in an ideal situation where conditions and opportunities are shared out eq uitab ly, and where no given group dehumanizes and oppresses another on the b asis of skin colour, indigenous people in a given country like ours have the potential to make tremendous advances in various fields.

However, negative b eliefs that lack scientific b ack-up are b ig spoilers. Tanzania has its emb arrassing share of that scenario.

President John Magufuli is apparently deeply upset b y the fact that, on the one hand, he is instrumental in propelling Tanz ania towards industrial economic status.

On the other, the government has to grapple with superstitious b eliefs and attendant actions such as the killings and defilement of children over notions that they are potential wealth creation propellers.

During recent official tours in southern Tanzania, he touched on the vices, on which he commented with deep passion, urging his compatriots to avoid them.

We wish to point out that, superstitious b eliefs cut across academic levels, social status and economic means. Manifestations include witchdoctors b eing contracted to facilitate promotions at workplaces, b oosting shop sales and enab ling aspiring legislators to make it to the August house.

The b eliefs are therefore considerab ly deep-rooted and thus entail application of earnest comb ative initiatives. It is apparent however, that, currently, no such initiatives are in force.

Crafty individuals freely advertise themselves as b eing ex perts at making the dreams of individuals come true, including individuals to get suitab le matrimonial partners, and students to pass examinations.

There’s a compelling need for the prob lem to b e elevated to a crisis level and b e tackled with corresponding force.

A thorough sensitisation initiative should b e set in motion to neutralise nonsensical b eliefs that someone can b ecome a millionaire speedily, b y, for a start, delivering parts of a human b ody to a “j ujuman”.

A rescue mission is the right term to ...

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