Tanga Port revenue rises as it curbs illegal entries

TANGA Port is experiencing rise in revenue collection as a result of its efforts to control some unjustified related ports put up by some people to evade paying taxes and other remittances to the government.

The revelation was made here over the weekend by Tanga Port Manager, Mr Percival Salama, adding that some 48 unjustified ports in the region had to be removed in the exercise.

He further said that the management of the port also took action by raising awareness in the public over negative effects of such ports, and later embarked on arresting violators of the laws.

Mr Salama noted that in the past the situation was worrying, because many such ports were operating illegally and denied the Tanga Port, the longest serving port in East Africa its fair share of income in the market.

The manager said that with their action, their income has tremendously increased from 6.9bn/ - in 2016/17 to 12bn/- now, adding further that they were able to seize 18 dhows and boats that were illegally importing goods into the country through the illegal ports.

“We have worked thoroughly on this matter and now we feel we are in control, because our security personnel are well equipped and committed in their work.

We have seized more than 18 dhows and boats that were operating in our waters, importing goods without paying due taxes to the government.

That has translated in rise of income to the port,” said Mr Salama. He noted that it was precarious to use unregistered boats and dhows in the region as that would mean compromising with country’s security.

“The authorities would not be aware of what is being imported into the country, and denies the government its share of revenue and leads to distortion of statistics economically,” he pointed out.

Tanga is the longest serving port in East Africa and has a lighter age port with two shallow water berths. The visiting Ocean going vessels are anchored at stream buoys being a maritime safety requirement.

A 354- km highway links it to sister port Dar es Salaam in the South. Generally, each port is unique in terms of its characteristics that in turn can have major influences on port performance and efficiency.

The characteristics of Tanga Port are such that it is strategically located to serve the northern regions of Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Manyara and even the lake zone. It is a small Seaport in terms of land and volumes of cargo handled per annum.

Ships anchor at the inner anchorage Tanga bay and movements of cargo to and from the mother vessel is performed by the use of cargo barges and lighters with the support of Tug boats towing the barges and, or lighters to and from the vessel.

It has a wide and deep entrance channel that can accommodate vessel of any size, draft and draught. It has no tide restrictions for vessel entering or leaving the port and navigation of vessel is limited to day time.

It has a natural and sheltered bay for shipping services and discharging and loading of cargo at stream is entirely dependent on the use of ship cranes.

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Author: DEUS NGOWI in Tanga

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