Seven African countries vow to combat crime

SENIOR Police Officers from seven African countries met in Dar es Salaam yesterday to discuss on how to strengthen security in fighting cross border crimes among the countries. Speaking during the launch of the meeting, Tanzania’s Inspector General of Police (IGP), Simon Sirro said due to the increase in cross border crimes like human trafficking, terrorism and illicit drug trafficking, there is need for the countries to join forces to fight against the crimes.

The meeting involved senior police officers from seven countries, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and Mozambique. IGP Sirro said through the meeting, they will come up with tactics to control and combat cross border crimes and break down entire networks of criminals.

“We are here to set an agreement as senior police officers in our countries to see how we can cooperate to strengthen security in our borders and break down the network of criminals crossing the borders, which threatens our states,” he said.

He said that the criminals commit crime in one country and hide in another country; therefore if the police forces of these countries don’t work together it will be difficult to fight the criminals. On his part, the Congo Inspector General Police, Amuli Bahigwa emphasized that it is difficult for African police officers to control and fight cross border crimes without mutual cooperation among the countries.

“In fighting cross border crimes which threaten our countries, especially in terrorism, illicit drug and human trafficking, we have to strengthen cooperation and join forces to make sure we work together to fight these crimes,” he said.

The Kenyan Senior Assistant Inspector General of Police, Mr Julius Kanampiu commented that crime activities in African countries are similar from one country to another, therefore without joining forces it is difficult to deal with the criminals.

“The more we unite and strengthen our forces to combat and control the threats and acts of cross border crimes, the more criminals will be terrified to commit crimes,” he advised.

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