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Accolades to TTB, Dar Embassy in Israel and stakeholders for marketing country globally

COINCIDING w ith the Easter festivities, Tanzania enjoying peace and maximum security became the destination of thousands tourists trooping in for holiday as w ell as to visit its tourist sites.

It w as colourful to see about 1,000 Israelis jetting in the country on a single day in a grand reception at Kilimanjaro International Airport ( KIA) w ith Maasai men and w omen in their traditional attire entertaining them w ith songs and dances.

All that points that w hat the Fifth Phase government of President J ohn Pombe Magufuli (J PM)’ s directive to conserve the w ild animals in the Game and National Parks, and call for patriotism and peace in the country, has benefits to the w hole nation and its citizens.

It should be borne in mind that tourism industry is important for the benefits it brings, and due to its role as a commercial activity that creates demand and grow th for many more related industries.

Tourism not only contributes tow ards more economic activities, but also generates more employment, revenues and plays a significant role in the general development of the country.

Of the easiest advantages to identify are the jobs tourism brings. This ranges from directly influenced positions lik e tour guides, hotel staff, coach services, and restaurants.

What’s great about all these businesses is that they not only pay w ages to their staff, but source goods and products locally, giving a boost to local industries and that is w hy tourism revenues are often referred to as having a multiplier effect.

In addition to bringing prosperity to an economy, it also allow s the economy to develop a new form of income.

This acts as an insurance policy in case of hard times, because the additional dollars coming in can help support traditional industries in case they come under financial pressure.

Tourism allow s a community to diversify their sources of income, and rely less on a single industry. This means that infrastructures w ill improve, w ith new roads being built, park s developed and public spaces improved.

Coupled with these are the social advantages. In addition to the revenue, it can be a source of pride for local communities, and allow s them to look at their history and cultural heritage and develop their ow n community identity.

This helps the local residents to maintain their traditions and culture, w hile also show casing it for all the visitors.

This advantage of tourism is w hat has saved many local heritage sites from destruction, in addition to giving tourists a w onderful insight into the local w ays of life.

Tourism can help to preserve the history of a region that may be at risk of being lost. For that matter, all the accolades go to Tanzania Tourist Board ( TTB) Chairman retired Judge Thomas Mihayo and board of directors, and the Tanzanian Embassy in Israel and other stak eholders for mark eting the country and its tourist attractions in and outside the country.

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