All 87 Kongwa villages to get power connection by July, this year

ENERGY Minister Dr Medard Kalemani has said by next July, all 87 villages in Kongwa District, Dodoma region will be supplied with electricity through the Rural Energy Agency (REA) programme III.

Addressing Ngonga villagers in Kongwa District over the weekend, the minister said contractors who are carrying out the project to supply electricity to the villages will open office in the project site to facilitate payments for service connection fee.

“Households can start paying in installation for electricity connection. A household gets connected with power for only 27,000/-,” said the minister during a ceremony to switch on light at Ngonga village for the first time since independence.

Dr Kalemani, who was accompanied by Kongwa Member of Parliament (MP) and Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Job Ndugai, was on official tour of the district to inspect progress of REA programme III and switch on light in the villages that have just received electricity.

He also directed the contractor, A2Z Infra Engineering limited who is implementing the project to supply electricity to rural areas of Chamwino and Kongwa to return to Nyerere Village, following complaints by villagers who missed out an opportunity to get power connection.

“I have received complaints from some residents who missed out the opportunity to get electricity service in Nyerere Village…the contractor allegedly closed office before they got the service.

You will have to go back to Nyerere Village to ensure the needy households get connected to electricity,” said the minister.

Dr Kalemani said the ten cells leaders should mobilise households within their areas to get power connection, saying public leaders should encourage homes to get power when their areas receive the service for the first time.

Mr Job Ndugai expressed gratitude to the government for electrification of the rural areas, noting that the service will speed up social and economic development.

He urged Ngonga villagers to use electricity for setting up businesses to generate income. Ms Anna Nyalupala whose house was connected with electricity after electricity supplied to Ngonga for first time, expressed delight over the service, saying electricity will improve academic performance of their children in the village.

“Our children will now be able to review their studies at nights, thanks to the light. Previously, students would review their studies up to the evenings,” she said.

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Author: LUDOVICK KAZOKA in Dodoma

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