Motorsports enthusiasts mourn Toroitich

MOTOR Rally enthusiasts in Tanzania have expressed shock over the death of Jonathan Toroitich, the son of the former Kenyan President, Daniel Arap Moi.

Former Chairperson of the Arusha Motorsports Club, Walter Maeda speaking on behalf of others, has mourned the sudden demise of Jonathan Toroitich, saying the late JT brought major transformation to motor rally events in East Africa.

Maeda pointed out that, Toroitich was not only a friend to all motor rally enthusiasts in both Kenya and Tanzania, but also a former class mate having shared classrooms at a school in Nairobi.

“At 64, we were also age mates and regularly visited each other in Arusha and Nairobi,” said Maeda who is the one of the prominent business persons of Arusha heading the Regional Chapter of Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture Commerce (TCCIA).

“I am shocked, he was such a good person a reliable friend and a person one can always rely upon,” said Maeda, who was drafting an official condolence message and explained that he will be traveling to Kenya to bid farewell his former class and rally mate.

Jonathan Toritich passed away at his Nakuru home, on Good Friday evening of the 19 th of April 2019 having succumbed to cancer.

Apart from being a large scale farmer, Jonathan Toroitich was an avid rally driver who never missed an event and was always in Arusha participating in a number of motor sporting feats in Tanzania.

He offered plenty of pieces of advice, assistances and support to this form of expensive sports.

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Author: YASINTA AMOS in Arusha

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