Tanzania faces Africa Beach Volleyball test

NATIONAL beach volleyball men’s team had to endure long trip before starting their campaign at this year Africa Nations Beach Volleyball Senior Championship today.

Jointly organised by Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF) and African Volleyball Confederation, the tournament was scheduled to start from yesterday to April 28, 2019 at Jabi Lake Park, Abuja, Nigeria.

The continental level championship brings together top African men and women’s national teams. However, due to what he is said to be financial constraints, Tanzania sent only men’s team to Abuja.

The team of two players Shukuru Ali and Ford Edward left the country to Abuja by bus on Friday via Kigali, Rwanda. Ali told the ‘Sunday News’ prior to trip that they were forced to travel by bus to Kigali before connecting Abuja flight so as to meet travelling costs.

“We are forced to take a bus trip to Kigali, and spend at least a day before connecting a flight because it is a bit cheaper to take flight from there, we find it very expensive to take it direct from Dar es Salaam,” said Ali.

The two are experienced players who have won several local accolades and they deserve to represent country at prestigious competition, according to him.

“We thank God we are all well, it will be a long trip, but hopefully will have a few days to acclimatise before we play our opener on Tuesday (today),” he said.

Ali has been working very hard with TAVA to ensure Tanzania is not a forgotten name in the international events by sending a team, adding they were looking forward to against Africa’s top team.

“We have been working hard in training for sometimes just to be ready for the event, we are all in a good shape and healthy,” said.

Ali expressed optimism that they will do wonders in Abuja because they all know what it takes to play in the international event.

TAVA has been working tirelessly to insure national teams take all the chances available to promote and develop the game in all levels.

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