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Kudos Canadian, Italian envoys for pledging to bring investors

YESTERDAY, this paper reported, among other things, on its front page that diplomats from Canada and Italy had assured Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (Investment), Angellah Kairuki that they would encourage investors from their countries to come in the country and invest in various sectors of the economy.

For us this is good news as the government has been pushing Tanzanian diplomats overseas to market our country with a view to getting more investors to come as well as tourists interested in local tourism for we have plenty of tourist attractions.

It is good news because it will work both ways – meaning Tanzanian ambassadors will be marketing our country overseas and at the same time diplomatic corps representing their countries in Tanzania will be encouraging their people to come to Tanzania.

This will have positive implications for the people and the country in general. Our country is endowed with many natural resources and tourist attractions, which if well utilised, will make the country develop rapidly as we already expect to attain an industrial and middle-income economy by 2025 – that is in six years.

What is happening in various parts of the country in terms of improving infrastructure is laying the foundation of this investment.

So, if we work hard to market investment opportunities and tourist attractions and serious investors come and invest in various sectors of the economy we will not only increase production of raw materials for our industries, construct more processing industries and get foreign currency, but also create jobs for our unemployed youth.

This being the case, we will have also social services and people’s living standard and quality of life improved. With this in mind we appeal to other diplomatic corps in Tanzania to do the same in their countries.

As the government, through Ms Kairuki has said, the diplomats are assured of security and thanks to political stability, investors will invest with peace of mind as they know they will be safe and their money will be protected unlike in countries plagued by social unrest and political violence.

But to maintain this state of affairs we have to cooperate with the government to maintain peace by living peacefully with our fellow brothers and sisters and deal with our differences in a creative and positive way.

Another thing the investors are assured of by the government is an enabling investment environment, which includes eradicating bureaucracy and corruption.

There are lot being done in this regard, but we need to maintain it so that we don’t fall back. Despite the fact that we are still a fledgling economy if we do things in the right way and time we will be able to transform our country into a strong economy because we have the potential for it.

We commend the spirit the Canadian and Italian diplomatic corps have shown to us so that we may move forward. So, let us cooperate and work hard to develop our nation and country.

ALMOST all media houses in Tanzania on Monday ...

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