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EDITORIAL: It is just a start, not the end for Serengeti Boys

LOSING two consecutive matches at the U-17 AFCON finals, has not completely put our envoys Serengeti Boys off the track, rather it is a wakeup call for fortification towards the desired goal. Serengeti Boys, who narrowly lost to Nigeria before being losing massively to our neighbours Uganda Cubs, still have a remote chance of sailing to the tournament’s semis and even a ticket to play in the World U-17 Championship in Brazil, if they beat Angola in their tomorrow’s last group match. Therefore, we urge players to fight hard and win the crucial match and as well rectify mistakes that made them lose the two previous matches, while we all rally behind them and pray Nigeria to beat Uganda on the same day. To all Tanzanians, we have to keep supporting our youthful envoys as we have been doing in their previous matches. They are our sons and brothers, hence let’s all join together to back them and show them our love as most of them are aged below 17 and deserve parental and family love. We would also like to remind football stakeholders, authorities and players themselves that even if we don’t qualify for the semis and the World Cup finals, the tournament should be a start towards the better and superior performances in the future tournaments. With this respect, football authorities, coaches and players, have all the responsibilities to ensure our future teams are better, built in a way that has dealt on all past challenges and hurdles that made us stumble. The youth tournaments are very vital in building the future of football in any country, we can take a leaf from our vast experienced opponents like Nigeria, whose success in the youth level tournaments helped to heighten the standard of football in the West African country and we can see it clearly that the team that won the World Cup in 1993, later became the world’s giants with Nwanko Kanu being the team’s most notable alumni. We conclude by urging Tanzania to keep watching the matches keenly even when our envoys; Serengeti Boys bow out of the tournament. Sail on Serengeti Boys, the destination of our desired goal is not very far.

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