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‘No contract with any nation likely to jeopardise Zanzibar economy’

THE Union government yesterday affirmed in the National Assembly that it will never enter into a contract with any foreign country that affects Zanzibar’ economy. The Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Union and Environment), Mr January Makamba, made the remark in the Parliament, creating no fears among the people of Zanzibar in the Union.

It was after concern from Magogoni Constituency Member of Parliament (MPCCM), Dr Suleiman Ally Yussuf hinting that the union government has signed a contract with the Oman government to support construction of Bagamoyo Port, after the Zanzibar authority failed to get funds from it to construct New Mpigaduru Port in Unguja.

In his supplementary question, he asked how the Union government would help Zanzibar to construct new berth at the Mpigaduru Port, after the planned construction remained in the papers for eight years now.

However, Mr Makamba clarified that the Union government has not signed the agreement with the Oman government over the construction of the Bagamoyo Port. “Even if the union agreement would sign the agreement it would ensure it doesn’t affect the economy of Zanzibar,” he stated. On the other hand, the two governments have been in talks over the construction of the berth at the Mpigaduru Port, where the minister told the National Assembly that the talks were at final touches.

“Mpigaduru Port is important, we will ensure that we are going to achieve,” Mr Makamba assured. Earlier, when posing his basic question, Mr Yussuf said Zanzibar, the way it is, require their Island’s economy to come up, where the port is a must.

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