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Idea of having climate change as subject in schools welcome

PUBLIC aw areness on environmental protection is still needed despite the fact that the campaign for it has been there since the first phase government of Mw alimu Julius Nyerere.

We can say that in the past people w ere more aw are of the need for environmental protection than today. One reason is that the population w as still small and the number of livestock w as still small too.

But today there are more people and more herds of cattle and human activities and because of this land and w ater sources are increasingly becoming scarce. In the circumstances, cases of environmental destruction are also increasing.

Environmental protection is a global concern. People everyw here today see the effects of climate change and although there have been campaigns to mitigate the effects there is slow progress.

One of the effects of climate change is an increase in temperatures and sea level rise. Some studies show that a global sea level rise of 200-270cm this century is “ physically plausible”.

A long-term projection is that each Celsius degree of temperature rise triggers a sea level rise of about 2.3m in tw o millennia. This just show s the importance of environmental protection w e are not ready to ignore because of the human cost involved.

In the past, it w as easier to predict w hen the rain w ould start and end and w hen farmers w ould start preparing land, planting, w eeding and harvesting.

It w as easier because w e still had many forests unlik e today the rate of deforestation and desertification is high. This is largely attributed to an increase in destructive human activities.

The importance of environmental protection w as also a topic at a recent climate change symposium with participants suggesting to introduce climate change as a subject in schools.

The idea is to mak e the youth k now ledgeable about environmental protection and how to mitigate climate change effects. We find this has come at the right time although it should have come a long time ago.

In fact, to be less concerned about climate change is lik e a person cutting a branch of tree w hile seated on time. The result is that w hen the branch falls down it is also the time the person cutting it falls dow n too. In other w ords, unless w e do something to mitigate climate change effects w e are going to suffer grievously.

This means that the w orld in w hich w e live is perfect, but ‘perfectable’ - meaning it req uires us to play our part and in doing so w e participate in perfecting it through our use of intelligence and labour, including mitigating climate change effects for both present and for future generations.

Yes, let’s introduce climate change as a subject in our schools. It w ill increase public aw areness on the importance of environmental protection and climate change mitigation.

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