A day Dar journalists enjoyed time out

It is commonly known that in any event, from press conferences to concerts and galas, journalists are present to cover the stories.

As the main trade is letting the community be informed on what is going on across the world, but rarely do they take part in the activities of the events themselves.

Sometimes they get up during the break of dawn and other times the day’s work does not end until the wee hours of the night.

Although, yesterday’s event was different, as the Ambassador of France to Tanzania Frédéric Clavier held a reception at his residence that celebrated the works done by media personnel and the success achieved through it.

The reception commenced in the evening where the weather was cool enough to let people relax, looking forward to enjoy the evening after a long day’s work.

Entering the premises, journalists seemed well composed, with no worry in their mind. With a few especially those who by force of habit do not go anywhere without a camera, pen and notebook, most of them came ready to enjoy a drink or to chat with friends and colleagues and return early to their homes.

With plenty of drinks in their variety and various things to snack on, journalists seemed to enjoy their chats, mingling with the French embassy staff and did not shy away from trying to learn and speak a word or two in French and the staff learning a word or two of Kiswahili.

Ambassador Clavier made a point to welcome every media personnel, who attended with pleasure; declaring that it was an honor to meet with every single person who was able to accept the invitation.

“Your presence here tonight is not only a great pleasure, but also an indication of the dynamism of media in Tanzania. It is important to remind ourselves that media is key to a vivid, dynamic, and democratic society,” stated the ambassador during a brief speech addressing journalists.

He commented that there is no development without access to knowledge, and no democracy without access to information.

“I would even say that there is no unity and no cohesion without the togetherness created by the information and entertainment provided by media.”

In these modern times technologies are changing the shape of the media communities at an incredible pace, both positive and negative.

In all countries across the globe, this comes with new challenges and new responsibilities. Media will play an increasing role in creating and shaping public opinion and strengthening the society, he affirmed.

“One of France’s contributions to this goal is the presence of Radio France International, which broadcasts in Kiswahili, in Tanzania since 2010.” Adding that, his presence here in Tanzania brings him to trust the capacity to adapt for the best to this changing reality.

“Since my arrival in the country I have seen good progress in the dialogue between government and media stakeholders on issues related to human rights, protection of free speech including criticism.”

He proudly said that, “Your presence here tonight is also our way to express our sincere appreciation to you for the support you have given us in covering our events. Over the years, we have developed a binding relationship with Tanzania media; you have continuously demonstrated your interest to our actions and activities.”

Forgetting all about work and just enjoying oneself in an event, is among rare happenings to a journalist’s life.

Although, there were those few people like this journalist, who no matter how much they would like to enjoy an event, their brain would just create an angle to work on and have an urge to inform the community because of force of habit and the love they have on what they do.

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