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TPDF resolves to maintain peace, security reassuring

TO their immense credit, it is virtually standard practice for religious leaders in Tanzania to factor the fundamental importance of peace in their sermons.

This tells us (actually reminds us) something on which we are enjoined to give much importance; that, whereas there are differences in how different religions perceive various issues related to how we live and undertake various activities, there are some on which there is a convergence.

Put simply, no debates, let alone quarrels or physical confrontations, should arise on how people, as individuals or in groups as well as broader communities, should arise on our approaches or responses to such issues.

For, these are so plain that the reactions by people should at best be similar, and, at worst, have only slight differences. Peace is one such issue.

No matter with which religion we are associated (and this relates to even those who don’t subscribe to any) peace is fundamental for everyone to lead a happy and successful life.

Once it is disrupted, things go haywire, sometimes uncontrollably, because there’s no way that individuals and communities can make headway in whatever they are doing, or endeavours on which they seek to embark, if chaos reigns.

This explains, therefore, why religious leaders, who constitute a critical opinion-shaping force, consistently stress the importance of maintaining peace and taking urgent remedial measures whenever signs of its disruption emerge.

In spite of the obvious importance of peace, plus related aspects like harmony and tranquility to our nation’s stability and socio-economic advancement, there are, in our midst, elements for whom peace disruption is a hobby, some manipulating politics as a cover.

This is a strange species, for in the event of peace being disrupted; they wouldn’t be spared but would suffer like other community members. But they have to be tamed nonetheless.

Hence the significance of the renewed commitment by the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF), to maintain it and warning against those bent on disrupting it.

The commitment was given by the Chief of Defence Forces, General Venance Mabeyo, during the launch of the new government offices in Dodoma at the weekend.

Hinting that follow-ups were being made on some inflammatory and those peace-threatening statements, he was resolute that defence and security organs were on full alert to protect the nation, wananchi and their properties.

The commitment is most reassuring.

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