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Chinese envoy to JPM: You’re doing good job

CHINESE Ambassador to Tanzania Ms Wang Ke has commended President John Magufuli for his determination to curb corruption and his commitment to work diligently towards improving the people’s livelihood.

She made the remarks here over the weekend during the official opening of the Chinese Embassy liaison office. She said the president had implemented a series of major strategic initiatives to improve infrastructures, facilitating transportation and improving the public service system.

“These initiatives have generated a new trend and provided strong impetus to the economic and social development of Tanzania.

Among these initiatives, shifting the capital to Dodoma is a long-cherished wish which was first proposed by the first President of this country, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, in 1973,” said Ambassador Wang.

The envoy said it was significant for the central government to maintain closer ties with regions, as this could also strengthen the linkages between the coastal areas and inland regions so as to promote common development.

“President John Magufuli is committed to realising this long-cherish wish within his term of office.

He has shown his extraordinary courage and resolve by overcoming various difficulties and making remarkable progress,” she said, adding: “I still remember clearly during last year’s New Year Sherry Party, President Magufuli requested foreign diplomatic missions in Tanzania to support the government’s initiative of shifting the capital to Dodoma.

On the 9th of this February, President John Magufuli handed out land title deeds to diplomatic missions in the country.”

The ambassador said the Chinese embassy attached great importance to the President’s proposal and had been accelerating communication with relevant government departments on the issue.

“Considering that construction of a new embassy takes time, we decided to set up an office in Dodoma as an interim measure.

This is not only to respond to President Magufuli’s proposal, but to show China’s firm support to the implementation of major development initiatives and strategies of Tanzania,” said Ms Wang.

She added that besides cooperation in economic and commercial fields, exchanges between China and Tanzania at various levels, including government, parliament, political party and nongovernmental organisations, were becoming increasingly frequent, and the people-topeople exchanges between the two countries were on the rise as well.

By deepening the bilateral relations and expansion of cooperation, China was now implementing the outcomes of the Forum on China-African Cooperation (FOCAC) Beijing Summit and jointly advancing the construction of the Belt and Road.

This year, she said marks the 55th anniversary of the establishment of China-Tanzania diplomatic relations, and thus the two sides will take advantage of this opportunity to co-organise a series of celebration events to promote bilateral cooperation in various fields.

She said a high-level dialogue on China-Tanzania investment and business policies will be held in Dar es Salaam next week to dispel doubts and address the concerns of Chinese investors in Tanzania so as to facilitate their business operations in this country.

Earlier, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Prof Palamagamba Kabudi, expressed the government’s commitment to foster bilateral ties between the two countries.

Prof Kabudi said the country was determined to work towards finding the best means of unlocking the potential of ever more closely interlinked production networks and value chains that are enshrined in the master plan of the Belt Road Initiative.

“We strive to provide a much needed link between our commercial city Dar es Salaam and the Capital City Dodoma.

It is a veritable metropolis with a veritable plethora of opportunities in the development of housing and accommodation facilities, hospitality and leisure, industrial manufacturing and agricultural development sectors,” he said.

The foreign minister said it was in their best interest to see more opportunities open up and more Tanzanians benefit out of it, saying they would use all means possible to ensure that the citizens of the two countries get relevant information and assistance to enable them pursue their endeavours in the two countries.

Prof Kabudi was convinced that there was so much that could be done together in creative harmony to explore new opportunities through which they could continue to build upon and strengthen the bilateral relationship.

Seasoned politician, Ambassador Job Lusinde, who also formed ...

Author: NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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