Novel tech system agreement signed

BELFRICS Tanzania Limited Company and Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) signed a Memorandum of Understand (MoU) on Friday, on the implementation of the new blockchain technology, which is set to replace the current centralised system.

The current system enables data/information access only from a single server (database) while the newly introduced technology, known as decentralised system, will enable everyone in the world to share the data as long as one’s computer is connected to the system’s distribution network.

Controlling financial-related fraud, easing availability of statistics and promoting privacy are among of the new technology’s significance, said the DIT Director of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Centre, Dr Joseph Matiko.

“It means the technology fights against corruption as it keeps the records and creates automatic signatures every time one has accomplished bookkeeping related activities.

When anybody else tries to tamper with the records, the technology allows an additional data while still keeping the original materials,” he clarified.

He said for instance that in hospitals, the technology eases collection of statistics of patients and types of diseases they suffering from. However, Dr Matiko added, this is possible only when every patient is given a special Identification Card (ID) that matches with the technology.

“For instance, if the patient is diabetic and used to get the services at one of the health centers in Dar es Salaam, when he or she visits any other hospital, within the same region or outside, the system will tell that she/he has already been registered.

In such a way, the relevant ministry for health issues will definitely switch from its current Health Information Management System into Unique ID,” clarified Dr Matiko.

Under Blockchain technology, unique IDs can also be issued to any person with all personal data, including signature, fingerprint and a passport size photograph, as is the case for passports, national and voting IDs as well as licences. It is a multi-purpose ID which might replace all other types of IDs, according to the ICT Centre boss.

Commenting on the MoU implementation model, the DIT Principal, Prof Prekisedis Ndomba, said that the institution was set to conduct Blockchain short courses which everybody in need will be free to pursue.

Belfrics Tanzania Limited Director, Mr Aziz Chonya, commented that, with Blockchain technology in Tanzania, there was a chance to fix many problems in the society, remarking further: “The built solution incorporates many key benefits of the technology, such as an immutable history of transactional records, so no one can ever doubt the authenticity.”


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