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Tanzania rosy picture, Kudos JPM for stewardship

YESTERDAY a local daily newspaper-The Citizen ran a publication ‘WB issues rosy forecast but warns against risk s’ which highlighted how Tanzania’s economy has been doing well and projected to do even better.

Quoting the World Bank note in its latest report Tanzania is among a handful of African countries, whose economies are projected to grow at a rate of over six per cent this year.

It further read in its 19th Volume of its Africa’s Purse that: “Growth will stabilize but remain softer than in the recent past in several fast-growing economies, including Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia and Tanzania, reflecting maturing public investments, fiscal consolidation and a difficult business environment in some countries.”

That reputable institution, a uniq ue global partnership fighting poverty worldwide through sustainable solutions, simply points out that Tanzania is in the right track in its development strategies to fight poverty under the stewardship of President John Pombe Magufuli (JPM).

The prospect in Tanzania, being among a handful of African countries with the projection, is attributed to the growth in massive public investments in infrastructure, despite the domestic risk s cited as natural recurrences of severe weather conditions, which include disastersdroughts, floods, landslides and cyclones.

All is becoming possible because the President is a leader who is determined to walk his talk in tack ling issues, which affect the common citizens in line with the pledges he made during election campaigns.

It is a common thing in the country that now the public service and the private sector is seeing discipline restored in their services delivery to the public and that leaves the country with the goal of addressing poverty, diseases and ignorance as its major enemies.

That has seen the country being a no-going zone for corruption and its architectures and in turn tax-payers money is now being invested in the right projects for the common public gains of all the citizens.

His reign has reduced foreign trips of government officials and cut down the budgets of unnecessary workshops, which implies that funds previously channeled to cater for the trips are now directed to implement public projects.

Kudos! Eq ually, the government in its measures has tried to bring social services closer to the people in the drive and has reduced also the country’s dependency on partners, when it comes to implementing its development projects and in a nutshell these have laid the strong foundation for the nation to now focus fully on improving its economy, which trick le down to its citizens.

IT makes sense to praise the fifth phase ...

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