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Prosecution finalises economic sabotage case investigation

Prosecution finalises economic sabotage case investigation

FINALLY, the 7bn/- economic and money laundering trial facing four prominent figures, including renowned advocate, Dr Ringo Tenga, will move a step further as its investigations have been completed.

Senior State Attorney, Patrick Mwita informed the Kisutu Resident Magistrates’ Court in Dar es Salaam when the case was brought for mention before Senior Resident Magistrate Thomas Simba.

“The prosecution is currently compiling supporting documents of the case, we therefore request for another mention date,” submitted Mr Mwita.

After the compilation has been completed, it is anticipated that the documents will be filed at the Economic, Corruption and Organised Crime Division of the High Court.

Once the documents have been filed at the special court, the matter will appear before the Kisutu court for committal proceedings.

Other prominent figures facing the criminal charges in the trial are former Managing Director with Tanzania Investment Bank (TIB), Peter Noni, Managing Director of Six Telecoms Company Limited, Hafidh Shamte, alias Rashid Shamte and Noel Chacha, the Company’s Chief Finance Officer.

They are charged in the case jointly with Six Telecoms Company Limited on account of their positions in the company. Apart from Shamte and Chacha, the charge sheet indicates that Dr Tenga and Dr Noni are also directors of the tier one provider of integrated telecommunications services company.

The prosecution alleges that the accused persons committed the offences on different dates between January 2014 and January 2016, within the city and region of Dar es Salaam.

It is alleged that in order to obtain a financial or personal gain, the accused persons fraudulently under charged International Incoming Telecommunication Traffic at a rate below the minimum rate of 0.25 US dollar cents per minute.

The prosecution alleges that within the same period, on account of their respective positions in the company, fraudulently and with intent to avoid payments, the accused persons failed to pay to Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) revenue amounting to 3,282,741.12 US dollars.

It is alleged further that being officials with the company, the accused persons and the company failed to pay regulatory fees amounting to 466,010.07 US dollars to TCRA. The prosecution alleged also that by their willful act, the accused caused TCRA to suffer a pecuniary loss of 3,748,751.22 US dollars.

On money laundering charges, the prosecution alleged that between January 2014 and January 2016 in the city, the accused persons acquired, used or administered money amounting to 3,282,741.12 US dollars, while knowing or ought to know that the money was proceeds of predicate offence of fraud.

It also alleged further that within the same time, Six Telecoms Company Limited used or administered money amounting to 3,282,741.12 US dollars, while knowing or ought to know that the money was proceeds of predicate offence of fraud and other related offences.

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