Plans underway to boost rural water supply

Plans underway to boost rural water supply

THE government has expressed its commitment to increasing funds for conducting research on water sources in the country with a view to supplying water to rural areas. Deputy Minister for Water, Jumaa Aweso expressed such commitment before the National Assembly yesterday. He was responding to Mr Allan Kiula (Iramba East-CCM)’s question.

Before asking his question, the MP pointed out that, the fifth phase government’s policy was, among other things, to increase water supply in rural areas. He, therefore, wanted to know when the government would conduct research on water sources in Mkalama Constituency.

The MP also wanted to know when the government would provide sufficient funds to provide the electorate with clean and safe water. Responding to the question, the deputy minister told the House that in the 2018/19 financial year the government through his ministry had set aside 450m/- for conducting research on underground water in dry areas. Such areas, he said, included Singida, Mwanza, Tabora and Shinyanga.

“It will also involve Mkalama District and 50m/- will be spent on that,” he noted. The deputy minister said apart from the expected research, the government had continued implementing various water projects in villages of Nduguti, Kinyangiri, Ipuli and was also digging 24 water wells in other areas. To complete such projects, 1.36bn/-was set aside in the 2018/19 fiscal year for Mkalama District Council.

Meanwhile, Mr Awesso told the House that a project for 57 villages in 15 wards in Kyerwa District was among the major water projects the government had planned to implement to improve water supply. “This project aimed at serving 282,000 villagers,” the deputy minister said. He was responding to Mr Innocent Bilakwate (Kyerwa- CCM)’s question.

The MP earlier explained that the government had completed conducting a feasibility study of water project in 57 villages in 15 wards of Kyerwa District. He, therefore, wanted to know whether the government would be ready to allocate funds in the 2019/20 budget for such projects to implement the CCM election manifesto of ‘lifting the mother bucket from her head’.

The deputy minister responded that a feasibility study for the project had been completed and it was discovered that some substantial amount of money was required. Therefore, he said, the government was looking for funds to implement such a

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