Where have all the refugee women gone?

THE celebration of International Women’s Day had a special power this year. Thousands of women across the globe were marching, showing off their projects and showcasing their activities.

The day was also marked by calls for better living standards. Others were arguing for an increased role for women in global leadership and decision making.

There were talks about Housing, nutrition, sanitation, and health issues are greater risks than before. Sexual violence, harassment and exploitation are multiplied in the context of refugee camps.

Access to education and employment opportunities are radically reduced. Uncertainty over the future often leads to depression, despair, a loss of hope, and even suicidal thoughts for them or their family members.

Women have often been the family problem solvers, and now they must work for recent years, moreover, civil wars, social and political unrest, and even environmental issues have led to levels of refugee flight unprecedented since World War II. Women and children represent a substantial portion of those taking flight.

As women have crossed borders to other countries, new problems have been added to the ones they already faced. They are cut off from the meager resources to which they may have had access. reforming gender discrimination. There was a great deal of rhetoric about empowerment for women.

I for one, however, was surprised by the lack of reference to the plight of refugee women. Where have all these women been hidden? Who was there in their place, advocating for them? Why do they seem to have been left out?

It is widely recognized that in traditional societies, women frequently carry disproportionately heavy burdens and are marginally supported in many ways. In the very survival of their families.

Some of them engage in prostitution in order to support themselves and their families. The added pressures and dearth of resources have a high psychological toll.

The resettlement process for refugees is a very slow process, and even if resettlement occurs, the added problems faced by women do not end. In my view, the celebration of International Women's day should have included bringing awareness

PAUSE and think a little bit about solving ...

Author: woman Reporter

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