Hats off to TSN for ‘unlocking’ rich Lindi Region reserves

IN many traditional African set ups elders will always warn the young generations that when a leopard is rained on, it does not mean that its ruthlessness to hunt is grounded.

The analogy in reality depicts Lindi Region that although is not fully furnished with modern infrastructure like Airports, railway lines, it is still rich in various unique minerals worth tapping by investors and the locals to eke out a living.

Thanks to Tanzania Standard (Newspapers), Limited (TSN), for organising a Business Forum in the area to open it up in collaboration with the Lindi Regional Commissioner (RC), where the Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, did not mince words and drummed support for efforts to unlock the rich, untapped resources in the region.

This is the third region in the country in terms of its vastness of land where there is plenty of land for arable farming, but not fully tapped.

It means many regions in the country have not been brought in the worlds’ spotlight on their ‘idle resources’, that is why TSN Acting Managing Editor, Ms Tuma Abdallah, still has a duty to visit parts of the country to show potential areas to be tapped, despite the Lindi one that is now the ninth after the successful events of Arusha, Zanzibar, Tanga, Mwanza, Geita, Simiyu, Shinyanga and Tabora regions with such informative Forums.

In Lindi, the land favours cashew nut and simsim planting among others, which is not labour intensive as the crop is easy to manage and needs little water throughout the year.

Local research indicates that simsim is also a highly drought and heat tolerant crop and can provide good harvest, besides being excellent in disease and insect tolerance.

“We produce between 50 and 80 million kilogrammes of cashew nuts annually, but we don’t have a big processing plant.

We export the crop abroad in raw form,” said Lindi Regional Commissioner, (RC), Godfrey Zambi, this is an appeal that investment doors are opened for all.

Talk of beautiful beaches along the Indian Ocean where investors can build nice tourists hotels, lodges and luxurious joints as some of the businesses activities, which the region has not fully enjoyed to make it another hub in the country.

It is good news to Tanzanians and globe at large that the Business Forum has unearthed some of the natural and cultural resources, which can be tapped in the area for business and investments to boost growth in the region.

It is worth highlighting Dr Mwakyembe likening Lindi Region with a giant that is sleeping on highly treasured wealth in terms of unexplored potential in agriculture, fisheries, tourism and mining sectors.

“A TSN journalist told me on Monday that Lindi is a sleeping giant. I told him it is not only a sleeping giant but one incubating highly treasured wealth. You can’t wake it up without following proper procedures.

“TSN forums are one of ways to awaken the giants, to identify the treasure we have and to showcase to the world and this is an opportunity for the residents to tell the world about opportunities they have,” he said.

As hats also go off to financial institutions like NMB bank for taking the opportunity to open branches in the area, Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), should make use of the forum to get closer to businesses and educate Tanzanians on their activities.

It is worth reminding TRA work to help, and not to kill businesses of the people, but provide them with more information and education as taxpayers.

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