Football doesn’t need inflated egos

TODAY Tanzania play Uganda for the AFCON 2019 qualifiers for group L. Tanzania’s Taifa Stars will go against Uganda’s Cranes to fight for a position in the qualifying process.

Tanzania, Uganda, Lesotho and Cape Verde make group L in AFCON. Uganda’s Cranes have already made the qualification of the group with 13 points while Tanzania have 5 points.

Tanzania fight to get points and pass Lesotho who also have 5 points and Cape Verde have 4 points. This is the type of information I was hoping to get when I heard a certain group of people had been appointed as ambassadors for this match.

Facts! Why it is important for Tanzania to win and get the points – because we have to advance in AFCON 2019. Our points are tied with Lesotho and we have to get more points to move forward and win as a nation in what will be Tanzania’s second ever nation’s cup appearance in 39 years.

Clear, simple and straight to the point, facts. Instead, we got these “ambassador” talking about everything except the facts like it is a Taarab song. Lord Have Mercy. First there were the videos.

Mercy! The videos having chubby Bongo Celebs doing what they would call football [I’m not sure] on camera [trying to] dribble a ball all the while talking about destroying Uganda like Tanzania destroyed Idi Amin in 1979.

I can’t stress how much watching an overweight celeb sloppily dribbling a ball was everything but inspiring. Another “ambassador” went on about how they would be surprised if they all Tanzanians on social media did not post to cheer on the nation on Sunday.

I’ve come to believe that we as a people are obsessed with social media posts because conversations in and around posting are many and not spread out enough for anybody’s liking.

Another “ambassador” spoke about how because they will be at the national stadium on Sunday, everybody and their grandmother would also go to the national stadium.

Not for the match but rather, for them and their sheer awesomeness. I got sick to my stomach because football doesn’t need the inflated egos of a few questionable characters.

Yes, I said it. Football needs quality formulas and skills from those who will play on the field and love and support from those watching those playing on the field. My beloved Tanzania, we have amazing forwards in Ally Mbwana Samatta and Thomas Ulimwengu.

We’ve also got Simon Msuva, Himid Mao, Shaban Chilunda and John Raphael Bocco, to mention a few, who are all Tanzanian national heroes for the service to their country in the national football team.

We are proud of them and stand by them always in Sunday’s derby and beyond. This is what is important. Viva Tanzania!

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Author: Amby Lusekelo

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