Shein calls for research to support development

PRESIDENT Ali Mohamed Shein says Zanzibar can make further progress in achieving development goals and overcome challenges if research, monitoring, and evaluation are given adequate consideration.

At a meeting here with executives and ministers from different ministries, Dr Shein said that successful implementation of programmes becomes difficult due to lack of research or ignoring research findings.

“We deliberately introduced the planning policy and research section in all ministries and departments with the aim of moving swiftly. It is unfortunate that the section has not been as effective as was expected,” Dr Shein said.

He argued that many development programmes and even issues such as resolving land conflicts, land reclamation to increase space, and minimising use of land by promoting construction of storey buildings would be done better basing on researches.

The President emphasised the importance of evidencebased research, and called for more research to support development programmes because it was fundamental in all spheres of development.

Dr Shein said: “Some countries have undertaken land reclamation to increase land. It is possible if we undertake research and plan well. I think we can reclaim land along the Gulioni-Mpigaduri coastline.

Land reclamation at the Mtoni Marine project by local business tycoon Said Salim Bakhressa, is an indication that it is possible.”

The ongoing exercise of updating voter’s registration book ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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