Tanzania hosts 5th gourmet festival

TANZANIA will for the first time host the fifth edition of gourmet festival ‘Gout de France’ that celebrates French gastronomy which is held across the globe. Joining 5000 chefs, who are expected to participate in the event across the globe, are 30 local chefs who are to be trained on the delicacy of the French cuisine by Chef Francois Lucchesi from France.

Taking place on the 21 of March every year, the ‘Gout de France-Good France’ festival is focused on the sustainable development through responsible gastronomy and commitment of chefs to preserve the planet.

With the expected outcome of replacing plastic use with recycled materials by 2020, Hyatt Regency has partnered with the French Embassy to host the event. French ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Frédéric Clavier said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the festival started in 2015 and was put forth to celebrate the official recognition by UNESCO of ‘the gastronomic meal of the French’ as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Noting that the French cuisine has evolved extensively over the centuries, “Nowadays gastronomy also plays a key role on the French economy by creating thousands of jobs in the tourism and hospitality industry.” Adding that since the French National Food Conference, France has been at the fore front of global environmental actions.

“In this context it is only natural that Gout de France takes a greener approach this year.” At the time of climate and environmental disruption, the world of gastronomy indeed has a new and fundamental role to play.

The catering sector has to embrace a virtuous sustainable and eco-responsible approach in terms of health, environment, economy, energy, culture as well as education, he said.

“Gout de France will also support ‘No More Plastic’ foundation which works for the protection of the oceans and the reduction of plastics,” he affirmed.

“Tanzania has a strong identity and culture when it comes to its cuisine as well, this event will be merging the two cultures through gastronomy while each country preserves its identity, creating a fusion cuisine,” he noted as he invited Tanzanian residents to experience French gastronomy prepared by a renowned French Chef.

It has the objective of reaching a milestone of 10,000 restaurants joining the initiative by 2022 as set by the President of France, Mr Emmanuel Macron.

Meanwhile Hyatt Regency General Manager Mr Garry Friend said that Mr Lucchesi has co-managed the brigade of the brand new Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile and for this year’s Gout de France he will be preparing an exciting fourcourse tasting menu paired with exquisite French wines.

Expecting 100 people for the dinner which will be presented in four acts entailing the starter, main course, cheese, and dessert all accompanied by French wines and champagnes, he explained.

“We expect a lot of Tanzanians to join us on the set date and enjoy the French cuisine,” he said adding that, for the entire meal and drinks the price is 230,000/- per person. The Director of Food and Beverage Mr Alexander Eversberg pointed out that food ingredients will be locally sourced as Tanzania has rich and tasty local produce suitable for cuisine preparations.

There will be a variety of dishes including Fresh Mud Crab with sweet and sour turnip, he explained. He added that, the hotel wants to eliminate single use plastic and by 2020 be plastic free and use recycled products.

Mr Clavier also noted that Tanzania has great business opportunities especially when it comes to its wine and has invited investors to invest in French restaurant and vine yards.

“I have tasted Dodoma wine and it is good with lots of potential, needing a little upgrade for the global market. France is open and ready to come and invest on these sectors,” he said. 

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