Kagera accidents set in perspective

EIGHT people died in road accidents between January and February, this year, Kagera Regional Police Commander (RPC), Mr Revocatus Malimi, has said.

He explained that during the same period last year, about 15 people were killed in road accidents.

He attributed the drop to concerted efforts, including continuous sensitisation sessions for motorists, motorcyclists and other road users. Mr Malimi said of the eight people referred to earlier, four related to an accident that occurred at Nyangoye, in Bukoba Municipal Council.

“Concerted efforts are needed to end this menace; everyone and every organisation should contribute to ending accidents. While we can’t have a one-answerfits- all, changing the attitude of road users would be immensely helpful for a start,” he said.

The RPC said accidents robbed the nation of a valuable labour force, and some people were disabled, in addition, families and the nation was deprived of resourceful nation builders.

Mr Malimi pointed out that the rate of accidents could be reduced if members of the public cooperated by reporting traffic offences to relevant authorities for action.

He remarked: “Some of you travel frequently between Bukoba and Dar es Salaam, as well as other destinations, and you witness traffic rules being violated by drivers but you never report them to the police for necessary action. In some cases, you (passengers) take part by urging drivers to speed.”

The Road Traffic Act stipulates that a passenger vehicle travelling for more than eight hours should have two drivers at all times to enable them to rest when one is on the wheel.

He reminded motorcycle riders (bodaboda) to ensure that they have two helmets (one for the rider and another for the passenger).

He also warned them to avoid speeding and carrying more than one passenger (mishikaki), because it was an offence.

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Author: MEDDY MULISA in Bukoba

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