JPM seeks citizen’s justice

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has intervened in the case involving police officers and an innocent Tabora citizen that led to the latter’s illegitimate detention.

Mr Mussa Adam Sadiki is said to have suffered at the hands of unethical law enforcers, compelling the President to intercede, ordering relevant authorities to ensure justice and good governance principle are embraced. 

Whether they would become sacrificial lambs, or pay a deserved price for arbitrary detention and charges against an innocent civilian, what is almost certain is that some police officers in Tabora Region are in trouble.

In a case of the hunter becoming the hunted, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Biswalo Mganga, yesterday said he had launched an investigation into allegations levelled against the cops who are believed to have illegally detained and charged Mr Sadiki with a murder case.

The decision by Mr Mganga follows a directive by President John Magufuli after he read an article in a local daily, which quoted a Tabora resident, Mussa Adam Sadiki, complaining that the law enforcers had forfeited his properties, detained him illegally, before charging him in court with murder.

Mr Sadiki said among other things, police officers who arrested him, took his 788,000/- and his mobile phone, among others.

As investigations continue, Mr Mganga said, already responsible authorities in the police force had taken initial disciplinary actions against all officials who were involved in the saga.

Although he declined to disclose the steps taken, the DPP told a fully packed press conference that immediately after investigations, appropriate legal actions would be instituted against all culprits who featured in the saga.

According to the DPP, after the President’s directive, he went to Tabora Region with his team and that after their initial investigation, it was found out that the complainant was arrested on June 21, 2018, in Tabora and detained, whereas in the police Detention Register, Mr Sadiki was detained with burglary.

In a dramatic turn of events, the suspect was taken to court on June 29 where he was charged with murder. In the charge sheet, he added, he was charged with murdering Mr Jackson Thomas and that a few days later another suspect, Edward Matiku was joined in the same case as the second accused.

“We realised that Mr Sadiki’s accusations against the law enforcers were valid because he was arrested and detained arbitrarily as well as charged illegally, therefore, I dropped the charges against the accused persons,’’ he added.

However, Mr Mganga added, his office decided to launch a thorough investigation against all cops who were involved to establish the motive behind their decision against the complainant.

He added that he had directed the OC-CID, Regional Crime Office (RCO), Officer Commanding District (OCD) and Tabora Regional Police Commander (RPC) to ensure that the properties that were confiscated from Mr Sadiki were returned to him immediately.

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Author: KATARE MBASHIRU in Dodoma

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