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…By January, 2018/19 loans and grants clocked 69 per cent

DISBURSEMENT of loans and grants by development partners to the government of Tanzania during the current fiscal year 2018/2019 clocked 69 per cent as of January, this year, with some of the benefactors surpassing the target of their commitments.

Records availed by the Ministry of Finance and Planning indicate that the development partners, including countries and international organisations, dished out a total of 1.034trl/- as of January, out of total pledges amounting to 2.676trl/- for the financial year which ends on June 30, this year.

The new revelation is in huge contrast to online editions by some sections of local daily newspapers which claimed that the donor community had released a paltry 6.7 per cent of their pledges during the period under review.

Commenting on the misleading reports, the Director General of Tanzania Information Services, MAELEZO, and Chief Government Spokesperson, Dr Hassan Abbasi, warned the news outlets against irresponsible journalism which depicts malicious intent.

“The recurring violation of basic tenets of responsible journalism by the two papers is alarming and exhibits nothing else that malicious intent.

They (authors of the online editions) disregarded attachment to the minister’s speech showing that the disbursements stand at 69 per cent as of January, 2019.”

“The government issues another warning; the owners and editors (of the newspapers) must rethink if they wish to continue with media business,” Dr Abbasi strongly warned.

According to Dr Abbasi, the two outlets cited with malicious intent, that only 144bn/- disbursed directed by development partners to specific projects and ignored the total amount which was released to the Treasury coffers.

The list of development partners at the Ministry of Finance and Planning indicate that the United K ingdom had pledged to provide 71.129bn/- during the year, out of which 40.972bn/- was to be disbursed by January, this year.

However, records show that the European country dished out 83.010bn/-, surpassing the original commitment by 203 per cent while Norway disbursed 16.629bn/- out of 19.793bn/- which it had committed.

On the other hand, the African Development Bank (AfDB) released to the government of Tanzania loans amounting to 223.328bn/-.

The amount represents an increase of 121 per cent, compared to 185.148bn/- which was to be disbursed by January, this year.

The continental banks which fund African countries to undertake infrastructure projects committed to support Tanzania with loans totaling 359.480bn/- in the current financial year.

During the period under review, the World Bank provided 527.854bn/- to Tanzania out of its commitment of releasing 870.954bn/- while records show further that Japan issued grants and loans amounting to 72.734bn/- against the pledge of 76.902bn/-.

On its part, Denmark gave Tanzania 38.249bn/- against its commitment of dishing out 69.496bn/- while the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) provided 9.913m/- out of 26.601bn/-.

The government of Switzerland dished out 4.6bn/- against 15.492bn/- while Sweden released 29.734bn/- out of a total commitment 180.080bn/-.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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