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TANZANIA continues to register impressive records in upholding democracy among African countries. Speaking with ambassadors in Dar es Salaam, President John Magufuli attributed the conducive atmosphere to increased investments to various sectors of the economy.

The President’s revelation backed by concrete evidences comes amid growing concerns that some people who are obviously driven by ulterior motives, are hell-bent on creating an impression that the government was limiting democratic space.

Despite backlash from some foreign countries, which appear to be inadequately informed on the democratic practices in the country, Tanzania has continued to register progress in maintaining democracy and the rule of law.

Dr Magufuli told the envoys of his meeting with leaders of political parties where they discussed about the political situation in the country.

Some of the leaders who had separately met President Magufuli are Civic United Front (CUF) Secretary General Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, the party’s National Chairman Prof Ibrahim Lipumba and former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa who was then a member of the Central Committee of the main opposition party, Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA).

Other top political leaders who also held discussions with President Magufuli on various issues are Mr James Mbatia, Vunjo MP and the National Chairman of the NCCR-Mageuzi, Mr Augustino Mrema, TLP Chairman and Mr John Cheyo who is the National Chairman of the UDP.

They all congratulated the fifth phase administration under Dr Magufuli for its strong stance on issues of national interest, saying that if the pace was maintained, Tanzania stood a better chance of becoming a middle income economy by 2025.

“It is because of political stability that our country continues to register more progress in many sectors of the economy,” Dr Magufuli stated during the ceremony which brought together envoys from various parts of the world.

Dr Magufuli was categorical that political stability was crucial for strengthening and attracting investments in the country. “Looking back in the year 2018, our country has registered significant achievements in maintaining the rule of democracy,” Dr Magufuli stated.

Dr Magufuli further informed the envoys on the efforts by the government in tackling corruption and upholding the rule of law in various sectors of the economy which have made the country triumph worldwide.

President Magufuli further explained that the fact that Tanzania was set to hold elections for local government authorities this year shows how the country is set to hold fast on maintaining the rule of law.

The Head of State hailed security and defence forces for maintaining peace in the country which is crucial for attracting investments in the country.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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