Dar RC sounds warning on irresponsible fathers

MEN who have developed a funny taste of impregnating women and abandon them later have their days numbered. This is due to serious plans which are underway to improve existing laws which will bring the offenders to book.

Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Paul Makonda observed this yesterday in the city during an event to mark the commemoration of the International Women’s Day held at Mlimani City Conference Centre.

According to the RC, such a move follows an exercise which he launched last year to see to it that fathers who have abandoned their children assume their responsibilities and roles as parents.

Mr Makonda disclosed that the exercise bore a lot of fruits in the region, where the exercise saw about 1,900 children being connected to their biological fathers. He pointed out that in the course of carrying out the exercise, the Child Law was found to possess a lot of discrepancies which are a challenge to most women.

“Based on how crucial the matter is, I formed a special committee in relation to the matter and they have compiled a report which is accompanied by several recommendations which my office will tender to the Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, to work on it,” said Mr Makonda.

He pointed out that once the law is put to practice, men with such tendencies should stay alert because there will be no room for tolerance no matter your status.

The RC emphasized on the issue of parents, especially women to be closely involved in the upbringing of their children by staying with them and following up on their school progress to overcome the growing problem of lack of proper morals in the society.

Mr Makonda pointed out that most parents have left the role of raising their children to house maids, something which prompts most children to involve themselves in weird habits like taking drugs and other unscrupulous habits driven by globalisation.

“If we as a country want the problem of drugs to end, parents, especially women, should assume their full responsibilities,” noted the RC.

Makonda pledged to support 100 female students who were taking science subjects and performed well in their form four and form six examinations to further their studies.

“Female students are faced with a lot of challenges in the country from the schools, including male advances from ‘bodaboda riders’ and social media among others, therefore they need to receive some special treatment for them to overcome the hurdles they face,” he said.

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