Farewell to the founding father of entertainment

THE nation was brought to its knees this week with the passing of the founding father of entertainment as we know it in Tanzania.

Ruge Mutahaba, the Godfather of entertainment in Tanzania, passed away on February 26 after a long battle to regain his health after being ill for a while.

While a lot of people took to social media to express their heartbreak for the loss of a man who gave so much of himself to his people, some, like me, were waiting to actually see the body as it was unbelievable to even fathom the thought that he could actually be gone.

Both types of grievers found ways to express how much the loss had affected them, finding ways to deal with the grief and pain.

But alas, we all shall go and we must go on. We are to celebrate his life and the opportunities he awarded so many of Tanzanian youth during his reign.

Ruge had touched so many lives in his quest to provide opportunities in entertainment for youth to develop themselves to a point of being able to make it as a source of income.

In addition to that, Ruge had gone out of his way to elevate local artists to an international level so that they could soar to new heights. That said, though, I feel like I’m not fully articulating his true contribution to the industry I hold dear.

In short, we are because he dared to be. At the ceremony to pay final respects, members from one of his initiatives, Tanzania House of Talent (THT) came together to produce songs and a short contemporary dance performance in honour of the Godfather of Tanzanian entertainment.

There was a lot of sadness but there was a lot of love too. But with the celebrations for his life, there too were naysays who crawled up from under the rocks they were living under to speak ill of the dead.

These unfortunate few were not in class when the teacher taught forgiveness and more over where did not hear their mothers when they told them not to speak ill of the dead.

They were quickly dealt with by mob justice and have since crawled back under their rocks.

Tanzania has without a doubt lost a national asset in Ruge Mutahaba however, may he rest in peace knowing we, the Tanzanian youth, will take up all opportunities he worked hard to open for us.

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Author: Amby Lusekelo

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