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I had the great pleasure of attending two youth forums this week. I must say I was so inspired by how motivated the youth are and especially to take action to invest in and improve their lives.

This increasing feeling of wanting to take action, stand up and do something for their country has been brought about by the change in room administration which, I daresay, has not been youth focused and somewhat oppressive.

I almost felt like saying that the oppression has birthed a sense of ownership by the youth for the country and for the direction the country is taking. I’m actually not sure that its primary focus is but then again, that is a topic for another day.

Some of the issues discussed at these forums really touched the day-to-day lives of the youth which I thought was brilliant.

Youths make up more than 50% of the population so there is absolutely no denying the power that the youth hold in bringing about change. Change is coming and the youth are driving it.

Anybody trying to go against the wave of change is going to be deeply disappointed. I mean, the use of feeling the pressure, and they are going to do something about it.

We’re living in an era where there is increased access to information and with that, a growth of well-informed youth who want more out of life.

Much more than the older folk, especially those in power, want to give but to the youth, those are mere details. Youth all over the country are feeling the growing need to take action.

People are speaking up. Take for instance, renowned Hip Hop artist, Chidi Benz, who had some interesting words to say to the guy who is running Dar es Salaam at the moment.

Now mind you Chidi has [allegedly] been under the influence of narcotics for the last few years and so his mind has not been right, allegedly. If a crackhead can tell you something is wrong then by darn it, it is wrong. I

was so inspired-still am actually. Now if we can get more youths away from meaningless gossip and into taking about things that matter like employment and access to good healthcare, to mention but a few, then I think we will be on our way.

We don’t need anybody to come and save us, we can save ourselves.

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Author: Amby Lusekelo

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