Avoiding cheap politics and building a solid nation

I believe some politicians have done things they will live to regret. At the same time, it is becoming too difficult for some of us to keep up with this sorry spectacle. I would like to share with you the following story.

“A group of people were travelling on a boat. One of them began to drill a hole beneath himself. His colleagues asked him: “Why are you doing this?” The man replied: “Why are you concerned about it? Am I not drilling under my own place?” They said to him: “But eventually you will flood the whole boat and all of us will drown!”

Imagine being a passenger on this boat, and one person, without concern for you or others, endangers your safety and security. The person drilling a hole on the boat may have valid reasons for doing so. Perhaps they want to drop a fishing line because they are hungry.

Maybe they want to use the water to cool their feet or wash. Maybe the boat is on a lake and they want water to drink. But no matter how rational the reason, drilling a hole in a boat to fulfill the desires of just one individual jeopardizes everyone’s safety.

This story warns us of the destructive power of letting our selfish desires overtake all other considerations. It’s not about whatever floats your boat.”

It is true that patriotism has lost feeling for some of our politicians, the hierarchy of importance has been self, family, friends and finally country. Self interest has driven politicians to the extent of setting their peaceful countries to war.

For example, in 1992, more than 300,000 people died in Angola and in 1994 more than 800,000 died in Rwanda. I believe under President John Pombe Magufuli’s administration this will not happen.

He has promised to protect Tanzanians and he is walking the talk. The Singida Member of Parliament Tundu Lissu may have a reason for what he is currently doing , taking a revenge on the so called unknown people for the tragic incident which happened to him in Dodoma.

He may also have hidden intention for presidential nomination from his political party and therefore gaining popularity through western media.

However, no matter how rational the reason, mudslinging your country’s reputation globally has no excuse, and he therefore needs to apologize for what he has done to Tanzanians.

For a mature politician who was born, grew up and studied in Tanzania for free up to university, he shouldn’t be pushed this far by circumstantial evidence of the incident.

The wise thing is to cooperate with the police and other security organs to allow intensive investigation of the incident and send the suspects to the court of law.

Moreover, as a representative of a constituency, where on several occasions people have believed and trusted the MP, this doesn’t mean that he is a very special person.

The same people may change their opinion, having seen what he is doing to damage the good image of their country. This may cost Tundu Lissu very dearly in the 2020 ballot box!

Another important piece of advice to the Singida MP is that too much demanding will not help him because, there are so many good things the people and government of this country have done for him, yet he does not show any appreciation.

The government has footed the medical bill when he was admitted to a Nairobi Hospital, and more than 246.7 m/- was paid in Belgium. Now allowing Hon Tundu Lissu ‘toss the plate’ from which more than 50 million Tanzanians are saved, is outrageous.

Who doesn’t appreciate what the current administration has done, in just three years ? We have managed to stamp out corruption and embezzlement of public funds is diminishing faster than ever. President Magufuli has revived the public airline which had only one aircraft, with six brand new planes.

This is facilitating local and international trade, major projects with significant impact on ordinary people’s income are underway, including the Stiegler’s Gorge Power Project , Standard Gauge Railway project, port expansions and road networks.

Tanzanians are joining forces with the government fighting corruption and bringing about real economic transformation. For a developing country like Tanzania, there are serious challenges.

However, we will never smile to those who are greedy and tarnishing the image of our country to the international community. Those who believe that transformation is a threat to their interests will never stop objecting to the efforts of our beloved President Dr John Magufuli.

It is true that corruption in most of African countries have benefited few people as record shows how corruption has some benefitted greedy individuals.

What is even worse, some individuals believe that Tanzania is still under colonialism and have failed to determine what is democracy, free speech and hate speech .

Tanzanians and their true friends appreciate what Dr Magufuli is doing, for the benefit of trade and development. True democracy cannot flourish where there is chaos and hatred, as is being perpetrated by some politicians.

Our people are laboring to build a strong nation whose foundation was put up by our forefathers whom we respect and admire. May God bless our country.

* Eng Abdalah Kileo is a Researcher at the Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission

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