Police Force should be a big role-modelling outfit

THE Police Force, alongside the Armed Forces and the Prisons, are known as disciplined Forces. On the basis of pure symbolism, members of those forces are truly disciplined.

At public functions, especially of the ceremonial brand, they attract much public attention and admiration through the way they dress, as well as the shows they display.

For some civilians, the shows that those public servants in uniform perform are a “no miss” because they constitute a uniq ue source of entertainment.

But beyond the parades and whatever else those compatriots of ours alternately and fondly known as the men and women in uniform stage at ceremonial events, perform roles that are not particularly enviable, from a civilian’s point of view.

Theirs are risky tasks. C onsider this: at war fronts, soldiers risk their very lives to defend the territorial integrity of their beloved country in the event of its being compromised.

It happened, for instance, when the forces of the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin provoked Tanzania by invading part of our country, the Kagera Salient, in the late 197 0s.

Whereas our gallant forces emerged victorious, some of our soldiers died in the war. In the course of their duties, some police officers are killed by or inj ured by armed bandits, and prisons officers risk their lives by handling hardcore criminals.

Yet in spite the risks, the call of duty demands that those serving in those roles be most highly disciplined.

The slightest departure from the norm is thus most disgusting, such as when some rotten eggs within the police force, for instance, engage in unethical deeds.

We are thus concurring with last weekend’s warning by Home Affairs Minister Kangi Lugola against misuse of police vehicles, at the climax of a recent tour of Arusha Region’s Arumeru District.

He was categorical that police vehicles ought to only be used in patrols and ferrying of suspects and not illicit drugs. Mr Lugola said he wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen under his watch.

“ The senior police officers who have been facilitating such a crime should now be packing their effects because their days are surely numbered,” warned the minister shortly at a public function.

We commend the minister for his categorical warning, for, the police force should be a role model in discipline enforcement.

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