Let it be highly entertaining Dar derby

DRASTIC improvement in terms of skills and entertainment is what every fan wishes for this Saturday during the Dar es Salaam derby that will once again pit Simba against Young Africans.

It is a quality game that will appeal to the fans and supporters after a stellar performance by both sides in their recent matches.

Simba who silenced Egyptian giants Ah Ahly with a 1-0 win, are facing Yanga who still enjoy the Premier League’s drivers seat, a situation we see very likely to lure more audience.

What everyone wants to see is how Simba’s lethal striking force can subdue the well-oiled Yanga machinery governed by Ibrahim Ajib and Feisal Salum.

We are also keenly waiting to see how the comeback of Burundian Amis Tambwe will help Yanga overcome threats likely to be imposed by Simba’s deadly quartet of Meddie Kagere, John Bocco, Emanuel Okwi and Cletous Chama upfront.

There is every thing to convince the football fans that this season’s fight is a must watch event, but in a simple language, there is a revolution of football on both sides.

As their second derby of this season, we expect it to add the dimension of the derby beauty, hence give football fans what they want most from football.

With both teams considered as the country’s biggest entertainers, we hope to see quality play, skill showdown, spectacular goals and daring saves, things that entertain fans most.

We believe in doing so, the players from both teams will do justice to all; fans, league sponsors and other stakeholders.

We end by wishing the players a fair play, discipline and bravery when they fight for their teams’ victories, but we would also like to warn fans against hooliganism, which in one of the previous matches cost one of the giants dearly after the agitated fans committed vandalism in protest for a goal thought to be unjustly converted.

We urge for peace as we all enjoy the beautiful game, which can go either way. Players should know that they are engaged in one of the biggest derbies in the continent, therefore all of them must know that whatever good they do for their team will remain in history.

Will it be an easy three points for Simba SC or an embarrassing pratfall for Yanga? This puzzle’s solution will come after the 90 minutes of regulation time.

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