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Strategic plan for collecting land tax now launched

DEPUTY Minister for Lands and Human Settlements Development Angeline Mabula yesterday launched a strategic plan for collecting land tax in the Lake Zone.

Ms Mabula said it would be for the entire country and would begin by submitting the names of defaulters to councils so that they could collect money from them.

Speaking after the launch, the Deputy Minister said until January 31, Mwanza City Council had collected 3.4bn/ out of 7.4bn approved for the 2018/19 financial year.

“The government implements various development projects by using tax, failure to collect tax will affect government’s service delivery in bringing about development to people,” she said.

She added that to ensure all councils in the Lake Zone collected tax successfully “I urge the office of the Assistant Land Commissioner for the Lake Zone to ensure all names of bad debtors are submitted to land councils for further action.”

Ms Mabula also warned against public institutions that had failed to pay their dues, saying they had budgets for that purpose, asking them to pay tax as required by the law as the grace period expired in December, last year.

Initially, Assistant Land Commissioner for Lake Zone Biswalo Makwasa said his region had been tasked to collect 11bn/- in all 22 councils in the Lake Zone.

He noted that until January 31, this year, at least 5.1bn/- equivalent to 46 per cent, had been collected.

However, he said the Lake Zone had already set a specific strategy to ensure revenue and land tax was collected by providing a claim notice to all land tax debtors.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Mwanza

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