Sports, dances, arts impact health education

TRADITIONAL dance and music, sports as well as pop songs have been found to be useful tools in impacting health knowledge among pupils and students in Mbulu and Mkalama districts of Manyara and Singida regions.

The Four Corner Cultural Programme (4CCP) being executed in the area, targets to also employ, stage acts (dramatic plays), and poem recitals to ensure that, health and sanitation education sink into the young minds as required through ongoing programmes.

Nelson Faustine, the Programme Officer for the 4CCP explained here that, the main target of the so-called special programme, involves children, teachers, education officers, district directors and health officers, to ensure that hygiene takes the driving seat in all learning institutions.

He said, latrine holes are found to be inadequte in a number of rural schools and in response to that, they were working with authorities in Manyara and Singida to address the toilet problems in their areas, with support from Norwegian friends.

A total of 34 Primary and Secondary Schools operating in three districts mapped in Manyara and Singida regions have started to benefit from the ‘Four Corner Cultural Programme’, executed under the initiative, which among other things, impacts health and hygiene training among pupils and students.

The schools being covered under the programme are found in Mbulu and Hanang’ Districts of Manyara as well as Mkalama District of Singida. The 4CCP is supported by the Norwegian Church Agency (NCA).

The 34 public schools have formed, between them, clubs to address School Water Hygiene and Sanitation (SWASH) currently with members numbering 1700 in total, but according to the coordinators, the number of learning institutions will increase by 20 to reach the required target of 54 schools by the end of 2019.

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Author: YASINTA AMOS in Arusha

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