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Injustice in the public, is a threat to justice for all

ALBERT Einstein during his heyday once said that “in matters of truth and justice, there is no difference betw een large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same”, with the aim of reminding mostly those in the Judiciary that when it comes to justice (read fair treatment) all citizens including themselves are the same before the law .

This req uires a visit and constant review because Tanzania has been blessed w ith peace, that in turn has made its citizens, right from independence to go about their daily activities without fear and any form of insecurity in their liv elihoods pursuit.

On the note, the tw o mobile courts financed by World Bank in Dar es Salaam and Mw anza at over 470m/- in order to improve delivery of judicial serv ices in Tanzania, should be another basis for the officers in the J udiciary system to execute their duties professionally without fear and favour.

The public w ants to see piled up cases speedily attended and those found guilty to carry their ow n crosses, because delaying justice to one is tantamount to justice denied.

The public w ants to see what their taxes are capable of doing transparently and conform to the theme of the ‘timely delivery of justice: the Judiciary and stakeholders’ responsibility’ walking the talk, as it was displayed during the Law Day, 2019 climax inauguration presided over by the President John Magufuli.

It is hats off to the system that mobile courts w ould be equipped with a telev ision set for recording evidences and witnesses, a camera for recording all sound and video incidents and a loudspeaker for communicating w ith the public, as was revealed by director of cases management at the J udiciary, Ms Eva Nkya during the inauguration.

“ The court is also equipped with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities including computers, scanners, photocopy machines, cabinets for k eeping files and an elevator to assist citizens w ith special needs and chairs.

The courts are also equipped with solar energy panels for pow er backups,” she said. “ I’m told by my team that this is the first mobile court supported by the World Bank in Africa, therefore Tanzania should be congratulated,” she said.

The accolades’ list may be long, but the cornerstone is that the public w ants justice and transparency without denying any person his/her justice.

It is now a prayer of everyone in the public that files disappearing in the law courts and some individuals tilting verdicts because they are capable financially w ill never be heard of again in the system.

Author: EDITOR

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