Manyara leads in increased FGM acts

MANYARA Region leads in Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) nationwide with wide scale speculation that parents are forcing their daughters to go through the ritual.

The observation was made here by Researches after their surveys indicated that girls, who do not undergo the outdated culture, are considered unclean and unworthy in the society.

The region has been ranked on top in the practice, standing at 70.8 per cent in 2010; with the researchers further indicating that additionally their 2015/16 findings placed it with 57.7 per cent, followed by Dodoma Region at 46.7 per cent.

Commenting on the practice, Manyara Regional Social Development Officer, Ms Anna Fissoo said here over the weekend that the society has been clinging on the outdated tradition to circumcise girls, something that cause them a lot of pains and related problems later in life, especially during child bearing as well as in issues concerning HIV/AIDS.

She said that FGM leads to early marriages and child pregnancies, hinting that it was also being associated with the girls’ premature deaths while delivering as mothers.

In 2015, 10 per cent of women aged between 15 and 49 years were found to have been subjected to FGM.

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Author: MARIAM JUMA in Babati

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