Relief to motorists as plant produces local grease

ANOTHER milestone to- wards Tanzania becoming an industrialised country has been reported after TOTAL Tanzania Limited launched a local Lubricant Oil Blending plant with a capacity to produce 15,000 metric tonnes of various lubricants including grease, and an assortment of coolants.

Speaking during the launch of the plant at Chang’ombe area in Temeke District, Dar es Salaam region over the weekend, the TOTAL Tanzania Limited Managing Direc- tor, Tarik Moufaddal, said that they are posed to directly em- ploy over 80 national experts in different fields.

“Today we are here to share with you another invest- ment milestone of TOTAL Tanzania, as we announce the official launch of Total Lubricant Oil Blending Plant.

TOTAL has invested 200 million US dollar to set the factory rolling, which marks a total global investment of more that 180 million US dollar in Tanzania over the last two years,” he pointed out.

Mr Moufaddal said that the factory has the capacity to produce 750 million tonnes of greases and various coolants of about 990 million tonnes, adding that it will produce a range of grades of engine oils, including hydraulic oil, gear oil, and transmission oils, as well as coolants which are used in heavy duty trucks, ce- ment sector, steel and textile industries, and transport indus- try, among others.

“The facility is equipped with all the required test- ing facilities for lubricants to conform to ASM Interna- tional Standards of lubricants, and has a well equipped and licensed testing laboratory which is one of the best in East Africa,” said the Managing Director.

Presiding over, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Joseph Kakunda said that the achievement was in the right course as the country gears towards the industrialisation drive.

“This is another historical achievement for our country in achieving its industrialisa- tion agenda. Now Lubricants will be produced in Tanzania, and we expect citizens will be informed and prefer products from this plant to boost our na- tional economy,” Mr Kakunda said.

The Minister said that such lubricants are important for all domestic uses, especially to those who use them in ve- hicles, and urged them not to produce sub standard ones.

Equally, he called upon TOTAL Tanzania Ltd management to adhere to all the rules and regulations in ac- cordance with the laws of the land in doing business, hinting to them to frequently monitoring their distributors to ensure that they do not dilute their products.

“I congratulate EWURA for controlling and thwarting the presence of fake lubricants in the market. We assure you (Tanzanians) that the govern- ment is aware in ensuring that fake products especially lubricants are controlled,” he added.

On his side, TOTAL Tanzania Marketing and Service for East and Central Africa Vice President, Mr Jean Tor- res said that Total lubricant blending plant was the only multinational company in the country that has the capacity to produce more than 15, 000 metric tonnes of lubricants, greases and coolants.


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