Name child killers, because next time they will come for your kid

IT is in the Press that Speaker of the NATIONAL Assembly Job Ndugai has directed that his House be served with a detailed report on the killings of children in Njombe Region and measures taken to end the murders.

However, when the killings were ongoing in the society some people decided to be cruel to the kids, and unfortunately they ended up taking the lives of the innocent people for personal and related baseless reasons, no any sensible and patriotic person would ever stomach.

We ought to be transparent and realize that such child-muggers are not from another planet, but live and mix with us, implying people know them in their midst.

This is not the time to trade blames, but the public especially perpetrates ought to know that they are also adults the children bank on innocently for nurture and groom as they grow up.

This has been a rare crime in our country, and despite its rarity, research should be casted on the sin to ascertain why such perpetrators and some parents, must connive to end the lives of their families, instead of protecting them.

Though, several surveys may confirm that the majority of assailants in child murder cases, particularly those below five years of age, are in fact the victim’s parents especially mothers, often suffering from mental illnesses such as forms of post-natal psychosis, interestingly all the natural fathers, who kill their children, follow the act by committing suicide, which our scholars should try to assist us on.

The Speaker decided to go to the bottom of the matter seemingly because Tanzania, being a peaceful country, expects all citizens whether one is a child, aged, sick or has any disability to mix and go about his/her business freely. Those who limit freedom of movement and activities of such people, whether one is rich, well-connected in a system ought to know that they are not only committing a sin, but also breaking the law of the land, that Hammurabi the Law Giver would have suggested to face the same music (read tit for tat.).

Whether it is ritual killing to acquire extra coin in life in unjust way, one ought to know that if one loves money, one will never be satisfied; if one longs to be rich, one will never get all what one wants and it is useless, says the Bible in Ecclesiastes 5:8-20.

All citizens should realize that Tanzania is ours and we need one another in one way or another to live, trade and relate, and that should ring in mind of all perpetrators of such heinous acts that supposing, such a thing is retaliated to him/her, how would he/she feel? 

The society should come out en masse and protect the children, because they depend on the same society to grow into another generation.

Author: EDITOR

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