World Bank nods to berth construction at Dar port

WORLD Bank has appreciated progress of the Dar es Salaam Maritime Gateway Project (DMGP), which is at 43 per cent of execution and expected to start operating early next year.

The project involves construction and rehabilitation of 12 berths, with the rehabilitation including deepening and strengthening of the docks.

WB Country Director Bella Bird, accompanied by other WB officials, yesterday visited the Dar es Salaam port, saying her office was satisfied with the project implementation.

“The work is going on well... we have observed that activities at the first berth are over and now the contractor has shifted to the second berth which we expected to see its accomplishment next month.

The contractor runs it in professional way and TPA is doing well,” she noted. Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) Director of Engineering Services, Engineer Charles Ogare clarified that the seven-year project (2017-2024) costs 420 million US dollars (over 990bn/), adding that at least eight berths will be accomplished within 36 months and the job will be done by 2020.

He said about 336bn/- was used in the first phase of the project, which included rehabilitation of seven berths and construction of the ‘ro-ro berth’ specifically for driving-off vehicles from vessels.

“We are therefore rehabilitating seven berths plus construction of the one for the vehicles, bringing the total of eight.

We expect to finish the work on time despite challenges we face, especially presence of unfit soil, which we have to take away and bring in the proper one.

It consumes time but we are doing our best to do the job as per schedule,” he said. It was revealed that feasibility studies for the rest of the berths are on progress to let the whole DMGP to start operations by 2024.

Upon full operations, each berth is set to accommodate 70,000 tonnes ship with up to 300 meters’ width. Currently, the berths accommodate 20,000 tonnes ships, according to Engineer Ogare.


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