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Kakonko to promote business opportunities in Burundi

KAKONKO District Council officers in Kigoma Region plan to visit Bujumbura in Burundi to promote business opportunities following the recent opening of the Muhange market border post.

This was said here yesterday by Kakonko Business Officer, Hilda Hokororo during a meeting with business officials from eight districts councils of Kigoma Region.

“The presence of the market is a great opportunity for traders at the district and it is the responsibility of the council to ensure that the construction of the market creates significant economic changes to the community but also contributes the revenue to Kakonko council,” said Hokororo.

Hokororo said that after the completion of the Muhange border post market construction programme carried out through the Kigoma Joint Programme (KJP), the focus is to see the market working productively with a large number of foreign and domestic traders who use the services.

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Author: FADHILI ABDALLAH in Kigoma

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