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Police hunt down owner of ‘luggage’ which exploded within Nairobi’s CBD

A team of specialized police unit is trailing a mysterious person who owned dangerous luggage that led to a blast at the center of Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

Authorities have indeed confirmed that the said luggage contained an Improvised Explosive Device that went off at an intersection between Tom Mboya Street and Latema road Saturday evening.

To set the investigations in motion, detectives are reviewing CCTV footage from the surrounding areas to ascertain what led to the explosion and who could be responsible for the incident that left two people injured.

Nairobi Police boss Philip Ndolo said the footage will be crucial in unearthing the suspect and his movements.

Ndolo said preliminary police investigations indicate that the suspect, a middle-aged man, had solicited help from a cart-puller to carry an unidentified package across the city.

“The two reportedly walked together up to the junction between Latema road and Tom Mboya Street before the stranger claimed to have forgotten his Identity Card at a shop across the street and excused himself to go back and get it.”

Ndolo who was briefing the media from the scene of the incident said. The improvised explosive device went off moments later with shrapnel hurting the cart-puller on the arm and injuring a newspaper vendor on the foot.

“Okinyi (the cart-puller) suffered some slight injuries on his right hand while a newspaper vendor who was nearby suffered some slight injuries on his right leg,” Ndolo confirmed.

But as detectives’ piece together evidence of Saturday night explosion, Ndolo called on Kenyans to remain vigilant at all times and provide information to the Police in case they notice anything out of the ordinary.

“I would also want to appeal to all the members of the public to give us information at hand whenever they see something that is suspicious to enable us to act and save the situation,” he said.

The police department has since advised all Hotel operators obtain full details of their lodgers while restaurant operators have been asked to also step up their levels of alertness and security in their establishments.

Police also wants PSV operators to monitor the behavior of their passengers and be wary of persons who may board with luggage and thereafter attempt to alight without the baggage.

“We are also calling on shopping mall operators as well as ushers at all houses of worship, educational institutions, and all other public places to frisk all persons entering their premises and promptly notify the Police should they detect anything unusual for action,” added the statement from the police.

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Author: By Correspondent ERIC BIEGON

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