Use arts to impart knowledge on reproductive health

Use arts to impart knowledge on reproductive health

The Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children Ummy Mwalimu has called on the frequent use of arts to impart knowledge on reproductive health so that young people can know about their bodies and means to fight against HIV /aids.

The minister also called for using arts in concerted effort of helping the young ones with economic empowerment so that they can take a front seat in the middle economy goal of the country through industrialisation agenda.

“Y oung people are isolated with no close relative to equip them with knowledge on reproductive health, as it was in the past, they also don’t have trainer on economic empowerment, non-government actors are playing a major role that is accorded with the government’s efforts,” the Minister said in Dar es salaam last Saturday.

She was officiating commemoration of 20 years since the inception of Feminahip, a nongovernmental organization that uses arts to deliver an edutainment message to the young people in the country.

Femina hip’s Communication Manager Tunu Yongolo, told the minister that her organization has been using media to deliver edutainment message to young people on reproductive health.

Fighting HIV and stigmatisation from when the organization was established in 1999 “We have been doing our activities through forming clubs in secondary schools and in colleges where up to 10 million youth are reached every year. She added that plays, recording and arts through Ruka Juu (jump higher) name has been aired on local television and radio stations as well as producing a magazine known as FEMA which is supplied across secondary schools in the country."

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