Audacious juggler proves you can use ten objects to thrill an audience

Bedazzled and amused at the same time, audience watched in bewilderment as a performer showcased his skills using a knife, two bottles and a ball at the same time.

Placing the knife in his mouth with the sharp side up, then placing a bottle on the age of the knife towering it with a ball and another bottle while dancing, was a performance everybody in the audience could not stop admiring.

Normally, when such acts are performed, they are commonly seen in the television like in the circuses, which usually seem like mere illusions and could not possibly be performed by human beings.

It is hard to believe that a single person could juggle with more than ten hats while dancing in a very dexterous way.

Performed by a group of dancers named WakaWaka, the highlight of the evening was when the performer towered an empty whisky bottle, a football and another empty whisky bottle at the tip of a sharp knife held by his mouth, while he was dancing up and down amazing the audience.

Forgetting their food completely, the audience could not take away their glaze of the performers and kept applauding not believing that there are talented youths in Tanzania who are not recognised yet.

All this was witnessed at the Russian centre of science and culture in Dar es Salaam as they invited guests including alumni who studied in Russia, veteran Tanzanian journalists like Saidi Nguba, to civilians who in one way or the other were affiliated with the centre for the end of the year banquet.

With a display of Russian cuisine in its variety and delicacy the dinner gala was a delight to the guests and the centre’s administration, as they perfectly kissed a bye to year 2018 and ushered in 2019.

Generations of alumni, who studied in Russia gathered and celebrated together, chatting in Russian, Kiswahili and English, while recalling on how life was back in the days.

Alumni from those who graduated in 1996 to recently could be seen exchanging pleasantries as they recollected and shared treasured memories.

Every person who studied in Russia had to learn the language first and foremost, commented one of the alumni named Ahmed, who graduated in 2006, and that is why all alumni are fluent in the language.

Adding; “When I studied in Russia it was mandatory to learn the language. The medium of instruction was in Russian language from the minute we stepped foot in the foreign land at the time.”

With more than 3000 alumni since the 90’s to present, the alumni could really go down the memory lane.

Maria Pateeva, Counsellor of the Russian Embassy and Representative of the Russian Federal Agency expressed her gratitude to all who managed to appear for the banquet.

“I am very grateful to every- one who made 2018 a successful year for the centre,” she stated.

Adding that, cooperation with the Tanzanian Association of graduates of Soviet and Russian Universities “Union” is one of the main directions of work of our office.

Pointing out that the category of significant events, organised annually by the alumni Association, include the holding of the annual General meeting of graduates of Soviet/Russian Universities in Tanzania.

A distinctive feature of alumni work is the sincerity of the relationship, the readiness of the Association to cooperate in the active support of all initiatives of the centre.

She thanked everyone’s participation, assistance and contribution during the entire year and hopes to get even more cooperation for this year as more successful things are to come.

Author: By Mary Ramadhani

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