Govt hailed for Bill on water supply, sanitation

STAKEHOLDERS have commended the government for coming up with a decision to draft a Water Supply and Sanitation Bill, 2018 as it will ensure access to clean and safe water to members of the public.

The stakeholders commended the government decision yesterday during public hearing of the Bill as representatives from a number of organisations, including Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network (Tawasanet) and Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) turned up to give their views.

However, tabling views before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Water Committee led by Mufindi North MP Mahmoud Mgwimwa, Mr Darius Mhawi from Tawasanet, said there was a pressing need for the Bill to clearly state the source of funds to run the Rural Water Agency (Ruwa) and its board that were going to be established by the law.

“The Bill proposes the establishment of Ruwa and its board, but it does not say from, which source the two bodies will get operational funds,” Mr Mhawi said, adding that it was crucial for the agency and the board to independently run their activities.

However, Mr Mhawi said since the same Bill proposed the establishment of National Water Fund, the proposed Bill should clearly stated the amount of money in terms of percentage that Ruwa would receive.

According to Mr Mhawi, Ruwa funding sources are not made clear in the Bill. He also pointed out that though the Bill established the Water Supply and Sanitation Authorities, including listing down the responsibilities of Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura), the proposed legislation did not recognise the Drilling and Dam Construction Agency (DDCA), whose activities would also be carried out by Ruwa.

AS the government and other stakeholders continue ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporters

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