Slow pace in special IDs distribution irks Rukwa RC

The Rukwa Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Joachim Wangabo has given district commissioners and council Directors 10-day ultimatum to ensure all the 6,250 special identity cards are distributed to small scale traders.

He cancelled his four days working tour in Kalambo District in the first day to closely supervise the registration and distribution of the IDs to small scale traders.

He ordered DCs and councils directors in the region to ensure that between January 15 and January 25 this year to have finalized the registration and issuing of the special IDs to the petty traders and machingas whose business turnover does not exceed 4m/- annually and not registered by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

RC insisted that after ten days ultimatum, evaluation of the exercise will be held under his chairmanship directing the DEDs to speed up the process of registration and issuing of the special IDs.

Mr Wangabo issued the directives following slow pace of the registration and issuing of the IDs where only 150 IDs already distributed across the region in all four councils of Sumbawanga Municipal Council, Sumbawanga District Council, Nkasi and Kalambo respectively.

He was irked by the such snail pace saying it was not healthy as December last year he issued 25,000 and directed them to be distributed to entrepreneurs but to date only 150 were issued.

December last year, Dr Magufuli launched special IDs and handed out 670,000 IDs to small scale traders across the country whose turnover does not exceed 4m/- annually, insisting IDs holders would formally be recognized by TRA official at their respective centres.

Author: From PETI SIYAME in Kalambo

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